All effort is made to insure that your trophy is the best it can be.  But no guarantee is made as to quality of the finished product.​  This is due to inferior skins etc.  and the condition of the items when received. 

​Artistry Outwest Taxidermy

Terms and condition policies​

******* All items received must have a half deposit paid before work will  be started.

****** The estimate on return time begins the date that the half deposit is paid.

****** Items with no deposit paid on them will be sold after 90 Days.

****** Mounts not paid for within 15 days of being notified as completed will be subject to extra fees.

****** Mounts not paid for in 30 day will be sold at soonest opportunity. 

****** Return times are estimates only no guarantee is made as to exact return time or completed finish date.

******At our discretion any and all items may be halted in the mounting phase and returned to you. 

****** We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.