To ship specimens to our facility from the US send to:

Artistry Outwest Taxidermy
409 North Main
Weippe, Idaho 83553


For USDA shipments originating outside the US should be addressed to:

International Freight Systems

C/o Outwest Tannery
19803  First Avenue S. Suite 102
Seattle, Washington 98148


For laminated shipping tags please fill out the form below.  These tags will identify the trophy’s as yours when we receive them.   Remember, each trophy may require three or four tags; one for the horns, skull, cape, and back half.

If you are not able to pick up your mount in person when it is completed, we can ship it back to you via UPS, FedEx, or truck freight. In some cases we would be able to deliver your mount to you personally. However you choose to have your trophy shipped to you, we will find you the lowest price on shipping that is available and there won’t be any additional fees added to the total, you will pay the actual shipping cost. We have shipped thousands of mounts over the years and can get your trophy to you. A durable shipping crate will be built for your trophy which will protect it during transit and ensure that it arrives at your door in perfect condition.

Customer’s within 600 miles can get FREE delivery!

Laminated Shipping Tags
Remember each trophy can require four  tags

(cape, hide, skull and antlers/horns)